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Reviewer: Virodeil (Signed)
07/15/11 - 06:21 pm

Haha! Poor Goldberry! Being stalked from even before Time began by Tom Bombadil. But now I wonder if she finally resigned to her fate, since she loos rather contented, if sad, in The Fellowship of the Ring...

Apt depiction of the Timeless Halls and the making of the universe! Somehow, with this humorous approach, you made all of it realer, more tangible. Melian's song being mashed with Elu is an interesting, intriguing notion that will not leave my mind, sadly... You have sprouted out plot-bunnies too, apparently!

Where did you get the name Mairon, though? HoMe? Which book? I'm confused, honestly, since someone else claimed his name before Sauron is Aulendil. (I'd prefer Mairon, though, just so that the name wouldn't be translated as "Servant of the Inventor." LOL)

Thank you for writing this fic and sharing it here!


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