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Reviewer: Arien (Signed)
07/17/13 - 04:48 am
Chapter 1 "Blue Moon"

I'm not sure what a bunny is, but I do like this opening for what can only be a wonderful story about young - and innocent - love! I like the young lady's name and am disappointed there isn't more to read about this young couple! Can't imagine what he has in mind to win her affections again, but I do hope you put the next chapter up for reading soon! :-)

Author's Response:

Hi Arien, 

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story! It is much appreciated and I'm so pleased to know you enjoyed it. Perhaps you would also enjoy some of my other young Paladin and Eglantine tales, such as "Of Daffodils and Turning Points." I am working on the rest of the story, "Blue Moon" and hope to have something posted soon. I have been so busy with my other writing that my fanfic is very sporadic these days! Btw, a "Bunny" is simply an idea, like a prompt or a story-starter. You will hear that term quite a lot around our group!

Thanks again!!


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