Reviews For Not Quite A Maia

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Reviewer: Thulien (Signed)
12/31/15 - 08:34 pm
Mini Muggle Magic

I love the conversation between Elrond and Arwen. I think you have done a great job with the characters - these two and many others. They are faithful to how I've imagined them, but your light touch and sense of humor adds a refreshing twist. Elrond, the gracious and wise, intimidated by Augusta Longbottom? Lovely. I also liked seeing Elrond's affection and care for his children.

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Reviewer: Thulien (Signed)
12/31/15 - 05:26 pm
Flight to the Fords

I am thoroughly enjoying this story. In this chapter, I especially like Augusta and Glorfindel's interactions. They are a humorous yet charming pair. Reading Tolkien as a child, I was quite taken with Glorfindel (and elves in general). It's lovely to see a bit more of him, and I like how you have portrayed him - with plenty of elvish elegance and skill, but also warm and eager, with a flair for the dramatic. Thanks for all you've put into this story.

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Reviewer: chococat75 (Signed)
08/18/15 - 11:52 am
Absent Without Official Leave

I am really enjoying this story. so many i have found have been abandoned. please tell me you are going to finish this. i would encourage you to not worry about the response you aren't getting and just finish it for it's own sake. besides, you never know who will discover it in years to come.

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Reviewer: curiouswombat (Signed)
05/21/13 - 12:22 pm
Great Balls of Fire

Oh I have had so much fun reading this - hardly had tme for toilet-breaks!

I'm looking forward, now to seeing what happens next.

Author's Response:

Hello curiouswombat,

thank you SO much for giving NQAM its first ever review at MPTT. I've put a lot of love, research and hard work into it (for over four years now) and it's a shame to see it get so little feedback (on this site, anyway). But you've changed that! And made me VERY happy into the bargain :o)

This fic probably isn't to everyone's taste as it doesn't have Harry or the Golden Trio in it, but for me, that's half the fun. Just imagining what an unusual set of HP characters might do amidst the Fellowship (or well away from them, in Augusta's case), makes me laugh every time I think about it!

I am so glad you are enjoying it, and - if you're enjoying it so much - it might interest you to know that I've just this minute posted Chapter 51 over on fanfiction dot net ...

Thanks again for R & R-ing. You have SO made my day!

M :o)

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