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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
08/17/15 - 07:23 pm
Chapter 1

Actually, several years ago during the MEFA awards, I read a Silm/HP crossover, in which Finrod, at the point of death from his battle with the werewolf ends up at Hogwarts, where he is found and rescued by...Remus Lupin.

The whole story fits within The Prisoner of Azkaban. I am afraid I don't recall the author or title, but I could find it, I think, in the MEFA archives.

Anyhow--I like your story, and am looking forward to more.

Author's Response:

Thanks for getting back to me! I'm so thoughtless - I'm actually very familiar with that particular fic - "To Face the Wolf." I know it's on Famfiction dot net, if nowhere else. And thanks again for telling me that you are enjoying my story! Every little bit of encouragement helps.

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Reviewer: Dreamflower (Signed)
07/24/15 - 10:12 am
Susan Returns and the Wand Waving Begins

What an interesting crossover! I like the idea of a crossover between Narnia and M-e, and have even done one myself. ("The Gate to Everywhere")

This one is a bit different in the way that your Narnian characters are interacting with Elves of the Silmarillion rather than LotR, although I find the presence of Arathorn and Gilraen intriguing. Are these descendants, or Aragorn's parents? I do hope you will soon enlighten us.

Clearly you are not preparing the Narnians for a life as students at Hogwarts, although I believe that Jill and Eustace would still be of Hogwarts age at this point. But I don't know where on the timeline of "their" world intersects with that of the world of HP yet.

BTW, I tend to agree about Susan. I think that she was left behind not only because she had temporarily left the path, but also because she had other tasks and duties she was needed for in her own world. Anytime someone starts ranting about how badly CSL treated "poor Susan", I ask them to look at it another way: Her family perished, but she was saved from that fate. In modern news stories you see it all the time on the news, how it's a "miracle" that so-and-so was the only one to survive some tragedy. It's sad that they will mourn those they lost, but it's considered a good thing they didn't die too! No one looks at Susan from that perspective!

I look forward to seeing more of this story.

Author's Response:

Why, thank you so much for reviewing! I didn't see your review until literally just today (August 17), so I'm sorry for replying late!

I had wondered if I would have to be the first to write Narnians interacting with Silm elves, which is a shame because the Silmarillion is literally bursting with great characters to write with. Arathorn and Gilraen are indeed the parents of Aragorn, I'm glad you asked!

No, the Narnians are not going to Hogwarts. Yes, Jill and Eustace are technically still Hogwarts age ("We're the only two who are still at school," Eustace says in TLB) but they'd literally be starting their seventh year, and you really can't do seventh year if you haven't been doing the other six, can you?

I don't want to give anything away for anyone who hasn't read the books, so SPOILER ALERT HERE!

[This is all very approximate, but in my headcanon TLB occurs in 1944 or '45, right near the end of the Grindelwald reign of terror and just before Albus Dumbledore duelled him and won.]

I'm glad somebody understands about Susan - some folks crack down hard on Susan and say she's renounced Narnia forever, and other folks crack down on Lewis and say that Susan really was the true heroine of the whole story - neither of which I agree with. I don't know about being needed for tasks and duties in her own world; but at any rate Susan HAS by her own choice turned away from Narnia and from Aslan temporarily but that does NOT mean she's been kicked out of heaven or any nonsense like that.

Anyway, I'm glad you like this story, and I'll try to write more quickly :) Thanks again for reviewing!

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