Reviews For History, Snatched from the Jaws of Defeat

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Reviewer: Oshun (Signed)
11/26/16 - 06:24 pm
Chapter 1

Somebody has to do it!

I always had books on my grab-this-first list for disasters. I am still mourning a box of old school papers I lost when I moved out of an apartment I lived in while studying at UC Berkeley! That was longer ago than I am comfortable mentioning online--OK, so nearly 50 years ago! Things are better now. Thank god for Dropbox!

One item that periodically appears on Tumblr that I adore is: "Re-blog if you are still grieving over the loss of the Library of Alexandria." No brainer for me!

The comment is longer than the story--or nearly as long!

Thanks for entertaining me!

Author's Response:

I'm definitely still grieving over the loss of the Library of Alexandria, too!

And also still a bit unhappy about some other books I had to give up myself, but fortunately none of them were unique copies or destroyed by balrogs.

I'm all with you and Pengolodh on this one.

Thank you, Oshun!

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