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Reviewer: Himring (Signed)
12/16/16 - 05:05 pm
Chapter 1


Slightly edited copy of my review over at SWG:

I like this a lot--how you've interwoven the birds and the rushes and the music and the unfolding of the love story! 

The piper also reminds me a little of Tinfang--although I'm sure there were many Telerin flautists and pipers, on both sides of the Sea.

Although this Sinda has not received an offer to go along, perhaps she might not have accepted it, even if she had, despite her love for the bright-eyed Noldo maid. She seems so much at home in the landscape of Nevrast. But the fierceness of that kiss betrays the Noldo maid's regret.

Thank you very much for writing a fill for my prompt!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it, and thank you again. :)

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