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Reviewer: Certh (Signed)
01/14/17 - 03:36 am
The Trespasser

Quite a beautiful piece. Lovely prose, marking the status of each speaker effectively, and very vivid imagery. It's always a pleasure to come across an original character who is so nicely fleshed-out and rounded as Morwen is. Not to mention it's very refreshing and original to see one - and a Gondorian at that - who doesn't put stock in old legends about the healing powers of the king's hands, and prefers to rely on knowledge and facts. Morwen is definitely a character who makes a lasting impression.

Ioreth's endless supply of words was nicely illustrated here, and I must say I rather liked the mention of Mistress Tasariel's being the kinswoman with whom Ioreth speaks during Aragorn's coronation. Putting a name to a passing face, it's details like those that make stories memorable.

(There were a couple instances of little slip-ups I recall - a missing full-stop after "well stocked herbarium", and "Morten" instead of "Morwen"; and a text editor matter - the narrative was double-posted.)


Author's Response:

Many thanks for your  much appreciated review. I'm delighted you enjoyed this story and liked Morwen.She felt real when I was writing her. Tasariel appears in my story, "A Time To Reap." Thanks for spotting the problems. I'll sort them out now.


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