The Roses of Imloth Melui by Lady Branwyn

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Story Notes:

Author's Notes:It all belongs to the Tolkien Estate, I am just borrowing.

The Roses of Imloth Melui

Kingsfoil did not hail from the lineage of the rose,
Yet its scent stirred memories of the fields of Imloth Melui.

Ioreth and her cousin worked in the summer sun
Filling the baskets with petals,
Blood-red, white and motley pink.
Their sweet fumigation hung in the air.

Boiled with honey or steeped in vinegar,
The flowers cured headache and soothed the catarrh.
Sighing, Ioreth stopped to draw a thorn from her glove.
“Never was there rose that had no thorn.”

Grief and weariness were lifted from her mind
As the scent of southern roses cleared the air of the sickroom.

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