Dragon-Sickness by Celeritas

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Story Notes:

B2MEM 2011, Day Six: Greed is good! Write a story or poem or create artwork that will prove or disprove this statement.

Frodo’s final days in the Shire were like the last gasp of summer, tinged with the bitter knowledge that they would pass into nothing, sweeter still for their brevity.


He laughed long, and often, and walked miles upon miles through the Shire, tracing the curves of the landscape with his feet, one last time.  Keen perception assured a fuller memory, squeezing the seconds dry, snatching the days, holding them close to his heart.


And each night, he slept atop his memories, like Smaug on his hoard, counting and recounting each last treasure before he slipped into oblivion.


Heaven help him!

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