Appreciating the View by Dreamflower

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Author's Chapter Notes:


March 12: Falls of Sirion

The gates and falls of Sirion are a must go location for the daredevils amongst us. The falls lend themselves for a daring bungee jumping adventurers, after one has recovered, the pools at the gates lend themselves for perfect fishing while one can rest and catch their breath in the hunting camps.

Today's Challenge:


Elves are one with Nature. What about Men? Hobbits? Dwarves? Write a story or poem or create artwork where the way different races relate to Nature is shown.

Appreciating the View


The sun broke as the Company topped a rocky ridge.  The windswept hilltop had a small copse of pine trees, but it faced southeast, with a view of the rosy dawn as it shone from behind the Misty Mountains.  Below, somewhat sheltered from the north wind, they could look down on a small hollow and more trees that could shield them from unfriendly eyes-- the campsite which Legolas had scouted for them to spend the day. A stream ran west at the foot of the ridge, and from their vantage point they could see far across the deserted lands.  Another, taller ridge, a purple mist in the distance blocked the horizon. 


"Yonder is Hollin Ridge," said Aragorn.  "A day and a half, perhaps two days distant."


"This is a lovely view," said Frodo. "The land is so different here than in the Shire."


"It does have a certain wild beauty," Boromir agreed.  "It is very different than Gondor as well."


"There is good stone here," Gimli added.  He leaned against a nearby boulder and placed his hand on it.


"The trees are young, though."  Legolas looked down at the piney copse below.  "They scarcely have voices."


Gandalf who was also looking ahead, said "You are quite right, Frodo. It is as different as can be from the Shire."  There was no response. "Frodo?"


Frodo was trotting down the slope towards their proposed campsite, where the other hobbits had already headed.  "Mr. Frodo!" Sam was calling.  "I found wild onions!"


Merry and Pippin were conferring excitedly.  "And I'm sure there are fish in the stream!" called Merry.  “I have hooks and line in my pack!”


"What do you say to grilled trout and onions for supper-breakfast?" asked Pippin with a grin.


The bigger folk looked on.  "Trust hobbits to have a true appreciation of nature," said Gandalf.

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