Dialling the Pegasus Galaxy by Rhapsody

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Story Notes:

Written for the OSA drabble challenge #16 Crossovers.

Special thanks to Random for his advise on weaponry and technology.

McKay could not believe it. There was an incoming wormhole while the gate was disconnected. ‘John?’ Leaning backwards, he signalled John Sheppard in a panic.

‘What is going on Rodney?’ John Sheppard bent in to study the screen. Taking initiative immediately, he shouted: ‘Raise the force fields, the two of you: you are with me. Rodney, call for backup.’ Running down the stairs, all three waited what would come. First, a hairy foot appeared, then they heard: ‘I told you Mer, nothing would happen. This is...’ Pippin turned around and faced the three submachine guns aimed at him. ‘Euh hullo…’

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