Worth the Wait by Dreamflower

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Story Notes:

(For Longcleeve, who wanted Pippin and Merry talking about Diamond and Faramir)


“Well, Pippin, you’ve a lad, now!”

The grin grew even wider. “So I do. After three lasses, it’s very nice.” He gazed fondly at the tiny one in his arms.

“Like father, like son,” laughed Merry.

“It’s a tradition, it seems. Father had been telling us all along it would be a lad, for that very reason.”

“So now that you’ve got little Faramir, will there be any more?”

“That’s entirely up to Diamond. Not that I would ask her right now, you know.”

Merry nodded. “I *do* know. Wise hobbit.”

“She really is amazing.”

“I know she is, cousin.”

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