"Eagle Interventions" by Dreamflower

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Story Notes:

Eagle Intervention
Title: "Eagle Interventions"
Rating: G
Theme: "Sky"
Element: Eagles
Media: Fabric applique, machine and hand embroidery, fabric pens, fabric crayon
Artist's Notes: This is a 16" X 16" throw pillow.

"Eagle Interventions"
Eagle Intervention
Center Panel Here is the pattern I found for the large eagle:http://www.sewing.org/files/project/eagletote_pattern.pdf .  The two smaller appliques came from a print fabric of American bald eagles, which I colored over with a golden-brown fabric crayon.The background is a really nice sky print. I had bought quite a bit of it, but have used up most of it now. Still have a little bit left.
Center Panel
Small panels I made the smaller panels a little larger than they needed to be. To the far left is Mt. Doom; in the upper right is Isengard representing Gandalf's rescue there; the burning pines from The Hobbit are in the upper right; in the lower right is a goblin riding a wolf, representing the Battle of Five Armies; and in the lower left are the Misty Mountains, with Zirakzigal in the middle, representing Gandalf's rescue after he battled the Balrog.At the end of the ironing board, you can see a piece of the eagle print fabric.As you can see, much more detail is in these panels than I was able to use for the finished pillow top.
Small panels
Uncropped completed pillow top Another view of the completed top.
Uncropped completed pillow top

Here at last, the completed project:

eagles 003 The front of the finished pillow cover eagles 002 The back of the finished pillow cover. eagles 004 The finished pillow. I lost a little more detail in the small panels. eagles 005 The finished pillow in place. eagles 006 And another picture of the finished pillow in its new spot. 

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