After Rain by Himring

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Story Notes:

Originally written for Elleth, in response to her B2MeM 2012 cinquain "A Moment after Rain"  for the prompts "petrichor" and tragedy": link to cinquain on SWG



Tree and Flower Awards, Finwe, First Place


‘It’s a good thing I don’t mind the rain’, said Fingon, laughing, ‘considering where I live!’

He made a wide sweeping gesture; a spray of fine droplets flew from his braids and across Maedhros’s face.

‘Don’t you love the smell of the countryside after rain?’


Sun sparkled on rain drops beneath the eaves of Taur-im-Duinath.

‘Close your eyes’, said Maedhros. ‘Smell the wetness on the grass and on the trees.’

‘Why?’ asked Elros.

‘You need to know how things ought to smell to detect anything out of place that might be dangerous. And also…’

‘And also?’ asked Elrond.

Maedhros gave him a cautious smile.

‘And also just because, for its own sake.’

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