"Miscellaneous Small Things" by Oshun

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Art: Assorted icons created for the July 2012 Art Challenge: Miniature.

Story Notes:

Artist: Oshun
Title: Miscellaneous Small Things
Rating: G
Inspiration: Small details often have epic significance in Tolkien's legendarium. Other times, the simple, little things, taken all together, define a way of life.
Media: Photoshop
Artist's Notes: A lot of these pictures are my own. (Of course, everyone recognizes the Bayeux Tapestry.) I am not a fabulous Photoshopper, but I do love making icons.

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1. "Miscellaneous Small Things" by Oshun [Reviews - 0] (345 words)

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Genres: Artwork: photomanip
Places: Other place in Arda
Times: 3-Third Age: late
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Series: 57. Art Challenge 4: July 2012: Miniature
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