Drop Your Chains by AStarryNight

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Story Notes:

The "time" of the story is multi-Age because all Time is in God.


"Drop Your Chains"

A/N: Very Christian-based. Title was inspired by Tenth Avenue North's song "The Struggle".


Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

- John 20:26-29


"Do you still doubt yourself, Iorhael?"

The one who had been Frodo Baggins in life looked up and met the piercing green eyes of the Son who stood before him; but then he hastily looked down again.

‘No," he answered truthfully. Indeed, in this final Heaven there was no room for doubt, or fear, or sadness, or anger.

But for Frodo Baggins there was still confusion.

The Son standing by him knew him better than he knew himself, but He waited patiently, letting His Child the time to speak his troubles aloud.

"I don't understand how I earned the Father's Grace."

The Son smiled gently, in understanding. "Everyone who believes in Me is saved in the Father's Presence, Iorhael."

"But in Arda I didn't know You!" came the protest.

The Son's smile widened. "Did you not, Child?" He asked softly. "My Father did not send Me in flesh as he did in another world, but I was still there. You know this."

Frodo paused, unable to fault that, and then nodded slowly. "Yes."

The Son knelt and lovingly grasped His Child's hand in His own-His hand, which still held the scars of nails through His palms. "You Believed, Iorhael, in Providence. You Believed in the power of Mercy, and of Compassion-- and by acting in these things, you Believed in Me. You Believed in the power of My sacrifice."

"But I failed to cast the Ring away."

The Son nodded. "Indeed. But none are sinless in the world. It may look like you failed, but it was only in that "failure" that Arda's salvation was fully achieved. And I daresay that the blood you shed washed your own sin away."

Finally his confusion was assuaged, and Frodo nodded his understanding. "Thank you," he whispered.

The Son's smile only brightened.


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