Looking Up by RavenclawHobbit

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Story Notes:

Disclaimer - I do not own these characters in any way, obviously. All use of them is purely recreational and no personal gain is involved.

The pony instinctively backed into the corner as the door swung open. A voice groaned “Ugh!” as two figures entered and took in the dank, foul-smelling stable. They stood a moment, eyeing him appraisingly.

“Well, I can’t justify 12 silvers by any rate,” one said at length

“No, not even half o’ that, Mr. Merry. Poor thing .”

“Well, let’s get him out and see what Frodo and Pippin think. We may have no choice.”

The stouter one reached for a rope on the wall, and was startled as the pony shied away from it, whites of his eyes showing with fear. He noted with sympathy the long, thin welts across the animal’s back.

“Easy, lad, we don’t mean no harm.”

His voice was kind, and he smelled faintly of apples. The pony allowed him to pat his neck soothingly. A hand slipped up and looped the rope around his neck before he realized what was happening.

“There, there’s a good pony. There’s a good Bill.” Sam withdrew a shiny red apple from his pocket, which the pony devoured ravenously.

“Bill?” smirked Merry. Sam nodded.

A new master. A new name. It seemed to Bill that things were looking up.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you like it! This is the first thing I've written that I actually felt comfortable posting here DX. Thanks for reading!

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