The Hobbit: An Unexpected Halloween by mjg43

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Story Notes:

I'm not English...

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi everyone, here's just a simple one shot of Legolas who tells Tauriel a Halloween story in the middle of the night. No, they're just friends, nothing more...

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Halloween

It was afternoon and Legolas was at the archery field with Tauriel. "You know, tonight is Halloween," Legolas said. "So?" Tauriel said. "We never celebrated it. At least, I didn't celebrate it."

"Well, I used to celebrate it when I was a child," Legolas said with a grin. "Really?" Tauriel said. Legolas nodded. "I once celebrated it with Elladan, Elrohir and Estel," he told her.

"Your friends from Rivendell?" Legolas nodded again. "Yes," he responded. "It was hilarious." "Tell me about it," she said. Legolas shook his head. "Maybe later." "O, come on!" Tauriel said. "Tonight," Legolas promised her.

"You promise?" Legolas nodded with a smile. "I promise," he said.

The rest of the day they spent at the archery field and the training field. When it started to become dark Legolas and Tauriel decided to go inside for dinner.

"Well, Legolas," Thranduil said. "What did you do today?" "What do you think, ada?" Legolas said. "Let me guess," Thranduil said as he started eating. "Practising at the archery field?"

Legolas and Tauriel both nodded and Thranduil sighed. "Really, Legolas," he said. "You're already the best archer of Mirkwood, why do you still need to practise?"

Legolas shrugged. "He likes to fight me," Tauriel suddenly said. "I don't understand you two," Thranduil said as he continued eating.

After dinner Legolas walked towards his room. Tauriel followed him. Legolas turned around. "Tauriel?" he asked. "Now, come on, tell me," she said. Legolas sighed. "I said tonight," he said. "It is already tonight," Tauriel said.

"You're just impatient," he said. Tauriel shrugged. "Do you have a problem with that?" she asked. Legolas shook his head. "At midnight I'll tell you," he said with a grin. "Now I'm even getting more impatient," Tauriel said as she walked away.

Legolas was in his room. He was thinking of the story he was going to tell Tauriel at midnight. The story, was hilarious, but scary. He was sure Tauriel would laugh when she hears the story.

Then, it finally was midnight and everyone in the palace was asleep. Except for Legolas and Tauriel. Legolas suddenly heard a knock on his door. "Come in," he said. He wasn't surprised when Tauriel came in. "Legolas," she said as she sat down next to him on the bed.

"Well, I guess I have to tell the story now," Legolas said as he looked at her. "Yes, come on!" Tauriel said. And then Legolas started to tell:


It was Halloween. And Legolas was visiting Rivendell for a special meeting with his father Thranduil. "Ada, are we almost there?" Legolas asked. "Yes, ion nin," Thranduil said. "Only two hours and then we will be in Rivendell."

Legolas sighed. Two hours! That was much too long for him. He didn't care about that stupid council of his father. He wanted to see Estel, his best friend. Tonight was Halloween and Legolas always loved it.

"Imladris," Thranduil said after two hours. "Finally," Legolas said. "You really want to see Estel, don't you?" Thranduil asked with a smile. Legolas nodded enthusiastically. "Of course I want!" Legolas said. "Estel is my best friend, ada! And he loves Halloween as much as I do!"

Thranduil sighed. He knew it wouldn't be easy for his son to calm down. "Elrond!" Thranduil exclaimed. "King Thranduil," Elrond said. "Where is Estel"?" Legolas asked immediately. "Legolas," Thranduil said. "Be polite to Lord Elrond."

"O, there's no need to be, Legolas," Elrond said. "Estel is in his room, go and find him." "Thank you, my lord!" Legolas said as he started to run towards Estel's room. He knew exactly where it was. First the stairs, then the second corridor, the third room left.

"Estel!" Legolas shouted happily as he run into his room. "Legolas!" Estel said as he ran towards his friend. They embraced and after that Legolas sat down on Estel's bed. "I heard you were coming today," Estel said.

Legolas nodded enthusiastically. "I really missed you, Estel," he said. "How are you?" Estel asked. "Tonight is Halloween!" Legolas said. Estel nodded. "Yes," he said with a grin. "I'm so looking forward it, I wish it was already evening!"

"Listen, Estel," Legolas said. "I have a plan!" "A plan?" Estel asked. "What kind of plan do you have, Las?"

"For tonight," Legolas said. "We have to do something…special…scary…" Estel grinned. "Yes, of course," he said. "But what?"

"I was thinking…" Legolas said. "It might be a good idea for us if we dress up like ghosts!"


"Yes, you know, white ghosts?"

"Of course I do know about them!" Estel said. "But how do you want to dress like a ghost?"

Legolas shrugged. "I don't know," he said. "What about some bed sheets?" Estel laughed. "You're a genius, Las!" he said. "That's the most wonderful idea ever!"

"Why don't we try to scare your brothers?"

"El and Ro?"

"Yes!" Legolas said. "That would be so funny!" Estel started to laugh. "And maybe we could scare ada!"

"I can't wait for tonight!" Legolas said. "But how do we get bed sheets?"

"Ada's room," Estel said. "Great idea, Estel!" Legolas said. "But I think we should not take those bed sheets now, we should better wait for tonight."

They heard a knock on the door. "Come in," Estel said. "Legolas," Thranduil said. "What are you two doing?"

"Nothing," both Estel and Legolas said at the same time, trying to hide their happiness.

"Legolas, can I talk with you?"

"Sure," Legolas responded as he started to walk out of the room. "I have to go to that meeting now," Thranduil said. "Can you stay with Estel?" "Of course, ada," Legolas said. "When are you back?"

"Before dinner," Thranduil promised. "You promise?" Legolas asked. Thranduil nodded. "Of course I promise," he said. "Ada, can I go back to Estel?"

"Of course," Thranduil said. "Have fun!"

"Yes," Legolas thought. "Yes, tonight we really are going to have fun, ada."

Then it was finally evening and Legolas and Estel sat down next to each other at dinner. They started to look at each other and Legolas started to laugh. He was so excited. Tonight would be great, he just couldn't wait.

"Legolas," Thranduil warned him. "Be quiet." "O, come on, Thranduil," Elrond said. "Why is he not allowed to laugh?" Thranduil shook his head and said nothing.

"I'm looking forward tonight," Estel said with a grin. Legolas nodded. "But we can't talk about it here, otherwise our ada's will hear us."

"Hear what?"

"Nothing, ada," Legolas lied. "We were not talking about anything!" Estel smiled as he continued to eat.

After dinner Legolas and Estel hurried towards Estel's room. "Ok, time for our plan," Estel said.

"Is your ada still downstairs?" Legolas asked. Estel nodded. "I hope so," he said.

"Shall we go?" Legolas asked. Estel nodded as he started to walk towards the door. "Let's go!"

They arrived at Lord Elrond's room. "I hope he will stay downstairs," Legolas whispered to his friend. "Don't worry," Estel said. "He is really busy with your ada."

They sneaked into the room. It was dark. "Come on, Las, hurry!" Estel whispered.

Then they heard a voice. "Boo!"

Legolas and Estel screamed but then they heard some laughing. "That was hilarious, El!" they heard someone saying.

"That was not funny!" Estel said angrily. "That was scary!" Legolas said.

"Are you scared?" Elladan said, still laughing. "Shut up!" Legolas said. "How did you knew we were here?" Estel asked.

"We heard you talking in your room!" Elrohir said. "That's eavesdropping!" Legolas said.

"So, what were you two doing here?"

"We were looking for ada," Estel lied. "Ada?" Elladan said. "I thought he was still downstairs." "We couldn't find him," Legolas said.

"Well, good luck with finding ada," Elrohir said as he and his twin brother walked out of the room.

Legolas started giggling immediately. "I can't believe your brothers are so stupid!" he said.

Estel nodded as he continued laughing. "Well, let's take those bed sheets!" he said as he walked towards the bed.

It was already late. Legolas and Estel were still in Estel's room. "Las, can you give me the scissors?"

"Sure," Legolas responded as he handed Estel the scissors. "These bed sheets are a little big."

After they got dressed in their costume the only thing they had to do is waiting.

"How exactly are we going to do this?" Estel asked. "We wait until everyone is asleep and then we will sneek into ada's room and then we will scare them!" Legolas said with an evil smile.

Estel sighed. "I don't like waiting," he said. "Me neither," Legolas said. "But we don't have another choice."

Then it finally was around midnight. "Do you think everyone is asleep?" Legolas asked. Estel nodded. "Come on, let's go!"

Ad yes, Estel was right. It was dark and it looked like everyone was asleep.

They silently sneeked into Thranduil's room. "Ssh!" Estel whispered. Thranduil was snoring loud. They silently sneaked towards the bed.

Estel raised his fingers. 1,2,3! They jumped on the bed. "Trick or treat!" they both shouted.

Thranduil woke up immediately and sat up in bed. "Legolas! Estel! What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

Legolas and Estel started to laugh as loud as they could. Legolas felt tears falling down his face. It was so funny.

"How did you know it was us?" Legolas asked. "What do you think?" Thranduil said furiously. "Don't you know how late it is?"

"It's midnight, ada," Legolas said, still laughing. "Go to your room and go to sleep, now!" Thranduil was furiously. He didn't understand why this was ao funny.

Disappointed Legolas and Estel ran away from the room. "Who's next," Legolas said. "The twins?

End flashback

Tauriel started laughing. "O, Legolas!" she said, tears rollin down here face. "That was hilarious!"

Legolas laughed. "I know," he said. "My father was furious!" "Dressed like ghosts, serious?"

Legolas nodded and yawned. "Maybe we should go to bed." Tauriel nodded as he stood up. "I'm glad you told me that story," she said.

Legolas smiled as he walked after her. "What are you doing?" a voice suddenly said.

They turned around. "My lord!" Tauriel said. "I'm sorry, you scared me," she said.

"I hope that's not because of the story," Legolas said. Tauriel laughed. "What story?" Thranduil wanted to know.

"Nothing, ada," Legolas said with a grin. "Well, good night, Tauriel," he said.

"Good night, Legolas."

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you liked it! Please review...

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