Song of Wizardry by nancylea57

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Story Notes:

Theme: songs/ poetry
Elements: He chanted a song of wizardry.


We had all spent time learning from Father the lines he wanted us to sing, we were all confident and sure that we knew the sounds that we were responsible for and now we were about to hear all the other voices join with our own and make a song. Oh, how lovely. What a masterful stroke to have so many layers and layers of notes, which mix and mingle and thrill the listeners. Mmmmmm, wait what’s that; there’s something not the same here, funny I thought I heard something “wrong” but all seems well again. Laaaaaaaaaaaaa, la, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, there it is I know I heard that, who is changing their notes? No, everything seems silken smooth now; maybe it was just a glitch…. No there it is, it’s Melkor, and he’s grinning about it.

He chanted a song of wizardry and broke the harmony that formed Arda.



He arrived in our midst, a fair and glowing being. He was not so glorious as to be stared at but he was in no way common or average. His clothes were of the best material, his gems were radiant, his silver and gold and mithril shone individually and in unity so brightly and yet not blindingly. He asked to learn and seemed to teach with open heart. He was humble and yet so much greatness had to show on occasion. We thought him to be a friend, he shared his talents and taught how to make the most desired jewelry, and he began to specialize in rings. And one day he said there was trouble in his homeland and that he would return soon. Never have I regretted someone keeping their promise.

He chanted a song of wizardry and bound the rings under one.



I have borrowed the royal diadem, and managed to make my way to Isengard. Finally, I can get the help I need to move my plans further along, the wizard has promised to enspell the crown so that any who wear it answer to me. Once I have control of Théoden then I can force the marriage to Eowyn and do away with her brother and the king’s heir at my leisure; I want them to suffer as they watch Eowyn learn to be MY wife. But first I need a way to control the king. The wizard has me lay the crown in the center of the room and step away.

He chanted a song of wizardry and brought despair to a kingdom.


APRIL 6, 3019 TA:

‘Long live the Halflings! Praise them with great praise!

Cuio I Pheriain anann! Aglar’ni Pheriannath!

Praise them with great praise, Frodo and Samwise!

Daur a Berhael, Comin en Annun! Eglerio!

Praise them!

A laita te, laita te! Andave laituvalmet!

Praise them!

Cormacolindor, a laita te!

Praise them! The Ring-bearers, praise them with great praise!”*


They chanted a song of the wizardry of friendship undying and loving self-lessly!


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