Three Sentence Fics: Tolkien by Zdenka

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prompt from ailavyn_siniyash: Silmarillion, Morgoth and Húrin, Elbereth

Aurë Entuluva

Day does come again, and night; thousands of them, passing over him on the mountain's peak, until he is weathered as the rocks.

He does not pray anymore; but at night Húrin gazes grimly upward at the host of stars and wonders if the stories told of the Star-Kindler were lies.

Morgoth laughs in his mind and taunts him: Pray to Me; I am the only Power Who hears you.

prompt from with_rainfall: The Silmarillion, Ancalimë, a new day

Ancalimë is dragged onto the steps in a cold dawn to meet the man they tell her afterwards is the King's Heir and her father.

That day marks the end of her peace; henceforth she is tossed back and forth between father and mother, Court and Emerië, like a small ship between too many winds. She lifts her chin and thinks, someday I will make them all come to me.

prompt from with_rainfall: Silmarillion, Sauron, man's greatest treasure


Númenor is his, to wear like a ring or a jewel. So afraid of death are they, these heirs of the Land of the Star, that they will give their wealth, the works of their hands, even their children to the temple fires. Sauron smiles and considers how best to let them destroy themselves.

prompt from ailavyn_siniyash: Silmarillion, Tar-Míriel, despair

Míriel is drowning, though she walks on solid land in Armenelos. The wave soaks her garments until she feels their weight pulling her down, climbs higher to choke the voice in her throat. She makes herself smile when she takes her place beside her husband the King; and each day, a little more of her is washed away.

prompt from ailavyn_siniyash: Silmarillion, Ar-Pharazôn, defeat

In the hour of his glory, Ar-Pharazôn cannot imagine defeat. Impossible, he thinks, impossible, even as the earth crashes down upon him. When the burning weariness and disgust become too great, he begs for it to end; but there is no answer.

Prompt from meridian_rose: Any, Any, stuck in the middle with you (filled as Silmarillion, Finarfin)

Caught in the middle of his brothers' quarrels, Finarfin makes peace where he can, soothing hurt pride and ruffled tempers again and again.

Yet he can feel control slipping from his grasp; bad enough if it were only the two contending princes, but their children and their followers take up the conflict, magnifying each slight out of proportion, until even the pronunciation of a word becomes a battleground.

He loves his brothers -- Fingolfin more simply, in Fëanor's case mixed with exasperation and pity -- but as the Noldor ask him more and more often, with their eyes and voices, Which side are you on? he longs to answer, I choose neither.

Prompt from wellinghall: Tolkien, Sir Orfeo meets Farmer Giles of Ham, any

Some Are of Weal, and Some of Woe

"Here now," said Giles, "what do you mean by distracting my dog?"

The harper -- disreputably dressed in rags and with a long tangled black beard -- looked up mournfully and answered,

"No more I care for hawk or hound;
in bitter sorrow I am bound,
and naught on earth may bring me bliss
without my lady Heurodis."

When the harper ceased playing in order to answer Giles, the spell of the music was broken; and Garm ran back to his master's side without the least shame, although a moment earlier he had been stretched out on the ground with his head resting upon his paws, caring for nothing but the music.

prompt from adaese: Silmarillion & What's Opera Doc (Or Bunny of Seville); Maglor & Bugs Bunny; you know it makes sense.

Well, what did you expect in a Silmarillion fic? A happy ending?

Maglor found himself chasing the rabbit through a burning town, while the rabbit, somehow contriving to stay a few steps ahead of him, twirled the Silmaril insouciantly between its fingers. He screeched to a halt at the top of a cliff which certainly had not been there a moment before; the rabbit missed its step and tumbled off, leaving Maglor feeling absurdly guilty. But wait, was the rabbit truly flapping its ears like wings -- and did it just wink at him?

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