The Gift by Shirebound

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For the 2015 birthday of Mews.


And it is said that Elwing learned the tongue of birds, who herself had once worn their shape; and they taught her the craft of flight, and her wings were of white and silver-grey. And at times, when Eärendil returning drew near again to Arda, she would fly to meet him, even as she had flown long ago, when she was rescued from the sea. Then the far-sighted among the Elves that dwelt in the Lonely Isle would see her like a white bird, shining, rose-stained in the sunset, as she soared in joy to greet the coming of Vingilot to haven.

‘Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath’, The Silmarillion

Elwing bonded strongly with Frodo during his years on the Lonely Isle.  At first she was drawn to the essence of the Silmaril caught in the phial he had borne with him across the sea, but even more, in him she found a kindred spirit through their shared memories of Ennor, the experience of exile from home and beginning life again in a new place, and his great love and reverence for Elrond her son and Arwen her granddaughter.  Long they would speak together, or sit quietly without speech, and much did she teach him of the land they now called home, the subtle music of the air and stars through which her husband flew, and the vast sea over which she herself often soared with a joy inexpressible.     

And so, to Elwing did the Powers give the conveyance of a message to the hobbit who was high in their favor – to choose, if he wished, which of the animal-kind would play a part in his teaching and healing, so that with them might be dispelled the remnants of dark musings and weariness.  In their realm he would be allowed to journey, speaking in their tongue as did Elwing amongst the birds.   

Frodo chose, and with joy and wonder he felt Elwing enwrap him in song and light.  Thereafter, when he felt the need or heard the sweet call from his friends, he would disappear for a time, and Elwing and Gandalf and Elrond knew with whom he had found solace and new-found ease.  And Elwing, aloft above the sparkling sea, would often glimpse her small friend at effortless play beneath the crystalline waters, from which the music of bright laughter would reach her ears, and fill her heart. 

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Frodo and Friends:

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