"Polymer Clay Bag End Projects" by Dreamflower

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I've been meaning to post these projects here for a while.

Here is a picture of the polymer clay hobbit door I made for Nilmandra's birthday. It was inspired by the following pictures:


Although the actual design I used was based somewhat on the interior door of Bag End in the movies.

Hobbit door

The following views are of an Altoids candy tin that I covered with polymer clay, with a scene of Bag End on top:

Top view:

Bag End box top view

Side view:

Bag End box side view

I made the following project based on this You Tube tutorial.

The main differences are that I used my "hobbit door cane" for the door, and I used a wire armature inside the tree, as the branches were too droopy without the wire. I also used a few flower cane slices to decorate the front garden.

It's very small, less than 3" from the bottom of the base to the top of the tree.

polymer bag end 1

This is the second one I made. It's almost twice the size of the first. This time I used slightly different shades of green, and I used some leftover faux wood grain clay blend (the same as I used to make the door in the first picture) to make the trunk and branches of the tree.

taller bag end

I need to make a second try at taking a picture of the last one, as the light was not too good.

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