The Great Feast by Talullah

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Fingolfin has a mission for his children.

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1. Chapter 1 by Talullah [Reviews - 0] (2103 words)

Written for LotR's Community September prompt - the Great Feast, with element 'guests'.

If this reads awkwardly at some points… well, I confess that initially Fingon was in Himring, doing Erķ knows what, and Argon was in his place (I was dying to use the full of hot air joke, although hot air only has a tiny percentage of argon). Then, when I was closing the fic, it occurred to me that Argon was DEAD by this time!!!! Arrrgghh!!! Characters not mine, no profit made.

A list Sindarin-Quenya name correspondences, for those of you who, like myself, can only remember a handful:
Fingolfin – —olofinwŽ
Turgon – TurukŠno
Fingon – FindekŠno
Aredhel – ÕrissŽ
Idril – ItarillŽ
Lalwen – LalwendŽ
Angrod - AngarŠto
Aegnor – AikanŠro
Galadriel – Artanis
Finrod – Findarato
Celegorm – Tyelcormo
Maedhros – Maitimo, NelyafinwŽ
Maglor – MacalaurŽ
Amras – Ambarussa
Amrod – PityafinwŽ
(I am not consistent with father/mother name use. I’d like to think they would use the version they felt more comfortable with, taking into account how close they were to each other. Also, I think that at this early stage, in a private family meeting, they would be using the names they always had.)

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