Don't Linger, Sweet Brother by Larner

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Don’t Linger, Sweet Brother

Why dost thou linger, small brother, my brother,
       linger this side of the sea?
Here darkness would take thee, fell mem’ries consume thee;
       of the weight of the Burden be free!
There they would delight to give comfort and guidance,
       and the Light of thy Joy all wouldst see.
And if I must lose thee, may’st thou lose thy terrors.
       To fulfillment, not death, I’d give thee.

Why do you stay here, sweet Master, (my brother,)
       When it’s amongst Elves you should be?
I see you failing, and Elrond could help you
       if to the Elves’ vale you’d but flee.
By old Mister Bilbo you again could find laughter,
       and from the weight of the Ring you’d be free.
Go now, sweet Master, and again joy might find you.
       Don’t stay here to die ’cause of me.

Why don’t you go there, my sweet cousin-brother,
       to the land of the Elves and be free?
I see you weaken and how your joys leave you.
       It’s you healed and happy I’d see!
I don’t wish to lose you, to lose your sweet presence,
       but no other choice can there be;
If you’re to be happy and once more know laughter
       I know that once more you’ll leave me.

A Took and a fool ever Gandalf has called me,
       yet even as fool I can see
that here your Light weakens, your happiness lessens;
       each day one more loss there will be.
I know not what waits you, there in the future;
       only small glimpses I see.
But what’s offered, please take it, I beg of you plainly,
       whatever that Wisdom gives thee.

We’ve ever loved you, our own son’s near brother,
       yet once more we must set you free
before we destroy you by holding too closely
       the beauty we’ve e’er seen in thee.
We know not what caused the loss of your laughter,
       but it’s not to the grave we would see
you brought far too early, shorn of your joy.
       Of the Burden, sweet Frodo, go free.

Why dost thou linger, O sweet child of Eru?
       Of pain there and grief you’d be free!
The gift, it is offered; it’s yours for the taking
       if you’ll but go over the Sea.
There we would greet thee, and fete thee, and hold thee,
       and seat thee there ’neath the Tree
And shine up thy Light and see it blaze brightly,
       and to wondrous delight we’d give thee!

Why dost thou linger, my husband’s sweet brother?
       In heart and in Light twins you be.
We’d see thee fulfilled, in blest beauty rejoicing,
       of the weight of the Burden made free.
You fade now and taste not the great joy unbridled
       from conception prepared just for thee.
I beg thee, don’t linger aught more than thou must.
       Taste life ere the Shadow takes thee.

Come hither, my child, my wonder, my own.
       Your Light bright and shining I’d see.
Ere you think to let loose of the land of the living,
       let your happiness rekindled be.
I made thee for gladness, for wonder, for singing,
       a beacon of Joy all might see.
The path, it lies open, the way set before you
       that leads through rejoicing to Me.

Don’t think to linger, sweet Frodo, our brother,
       don’t linger this side of the Sea.
The Creator will grant you far more than you’d think
       once you of the pain are made free.
Valar and Maiar and Eldar would honor
       all you were created to be.
So don’t think to linger, sweet Frodo, our brother.
       Thy life, it’s now offered to thee.

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