Translations from the Elvish by Himring

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Elrond and Bilbo discuss "Translations from the Elvish" and its sources, especially the writings of Pengolodh.

Story Notes:

Apart from the B2MeM prompts (details below), this owes a great deal to Dawn Felagund's recently posted bio of Pengolodh at the Silmarillion Writers Guild Archive.

This fic is an attempt to incorporate, as much as possible, various stray bits of information about the in-universe authorship of the Silmarillion that probably really contradict each other. As such, the piece is obviously not canonical but do feel free to let me know of any aspect I failed to incorporate. (I have occasionally tried to hint at how Tolkien might have wanted some of this to tie in with other parts of the Legendarium.)

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1. Chapter 1 by Himring [Reviews - 0] (1737 words)

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