By the Sea by Linaewen

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Story Notes:

Written for the LotR Community's Fixed-Length Fic challenge, "Family Reunion" with the prompt of 110 words.

"No, Boromir," Finduilas said firmly.  "You may not take a sword to gift the new baby.  Elphir is newborn, too small for a sword."

Boromir scowled.  "Too small to play, then!  What good is visiting a new cousin if we cannot play?"

"Perhaps Uncle Imrahil will play swords with you while we admire the baby," Finduilas suggested, and Boromir was content.

"You look happy," Denethor said, kissing his wife.  "It will be good for you to be home by the sea again for a time."

Finduilas smiled.  "A reunion with my brother to see his new babe, with you and my sons together by the sea, is very good indeed!"

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