The Tapestry by Fernstrike

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Story Notes:

Triple drabble, written for B2MeM 2017, with the prompt Lost and Found.

(Crossposted on the B2MeM LiveJournal!)

At night, Aragorn descended to the fifth level. Only his circlet and stature suggested his nobility. The old archive warden dipped a curtsey at the door, eyes wide with recognition.

"Can I help you find something, my king?" she asked.

"I seek an old tapestry," he said gently, stooping in the torchlight. "Supposedly depicting the arrival of the Elendili in Arda."

The warden looked doubtful. "It is only storied to be here, Lord. Even my master knew not its place. But, perhaps..."

"Please try," he urged. "I will be glad to help you look."


It had been Faramir's fault. Up late, they'd taken a pause from poring over messages from Arnor and Near Harad.

"I haven't sifted through this much paper since my days of study," said the prince, rubbing his temple.

Aragorn took a sip of his light wine. "You learnt much in the archives, though."

"Not nearly enough! Tracing back the lore was not easy...much was lost. The records of the King's Writer, the memoirs of the intermediary lords, the tapestry of the Elendili..."

"What?" Aragorn sat up.

Faramir told the tapestry's tale. Thought lost in ancient Minas Ithil, supposedly recovered millennia ago - a depiction of the moment the feet of the Faithful touched these shores. Aragorn needed to find his line, like it had found him - the very beginning of the Kings.


"Amazing," the warden breathed. "It was here, all this time."

Aragorn touched over the fabric - dull blue, greyed white - and his finger passed through a moth-bitten hole. Working until past dawn, they'd sifted through a hundred scrolls - yet it was luck that found it. A misstep and a tumbling shelf revealed a crevice in a back wall. Secret, the Elendili tapestry had lain there, never quite lost, intended to be part of Gondor forever.

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