The Council by Silver Trails

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The Council
April, 2015

This is an amateur effort and does not intend to infringe on the rights of J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit is made and no harm is intended.

This is an AU arc, where all the events of Tolkien legendarium have already happened, but where the Elves can now choose to return to Middle-earth. The Valar allow it because Eru has commanded it. All Manwë knows is that something has changed in the Song.

Ingwë sat at the table in his council chamber, along with the other two kings and their eldest sons. They had agreed to meet in council after the audience with Lord Manwë. The Song had changed, the straight road would be reopened soon, and Fëanáro would be allowed to come out of the Halls as long as he repented his actions.

“Thank you for coming here today,” Ingwë said. “And welcome to the city. As you know, I summoned you all here because we need to discuss our policy regarding the opening of the straight road. So let us speak freely about this. What are your concerns, my friends?”

“As you know, one of the concerns my people have is the pressure on our resources,” Olwë said. “The Havens of Alqualondë is the main port in Aman, and though there are minor ports now that many travel to Tol Eressëa to visit their relatives, a possible mass migration to Endor is not to be taken lightly.”

“I am concerned about that as well,” Arafinwë said. “My people are always in search of knowledge and even for those who never sailed to Endor, doing it now would be a tempting option.”

“I wonder if my people would sail to Endor now,” Ingwë said. “Many things have changed since the last Elves returned from Endor or left the Halls. They brought new knowledge to the Blessed Lands, knowledge which has reached this city too.”

“There is also the possibility that my brother and father come out of the Halls, in which case my father will take the kingship of the Noldor again.”

Ingwë looked at Arafinwë. He had no doubt that the current King of the Noldor would welcome his father back, but Finwë would only come back if Fëanáro did.

“What about Nolofinwë?” Elwë asked, “And Nelyafinwë? They have no right to sit in this council, but I believe that their opinions are important. We do not want the peace disturbed.”

Ingwë sighed inwardly. Even if both Nolofinwë and Nelyafinwë had asked forgiveness for the wrongs done at Alqualondë, Elwë still didn’t trust them.

“My brother didn’t demand the kingship of the Noldor when he came out of the Halls,” Arafinwë said, “and he certainly would not dispute Father’s right to it. As for my nephew, he gave up the kingship in Endor, so I am certain that he will not demand it now that he is out of the Halls.”

“What about Turkafinwë and Curufinwë, cousin?” Olwien asked. “Forgive me, but even if they are out now, we know what happened in Nargothrond.”

“Allow me to answer this, Father,” Findaráto said. “My cousins repent the things they did in Nargothrond, and we have talked about it and made our peace with it.”

“And if Fëanáro comes out of the Halls, so will Finwë,” Ingwë said, “so I believe that his sons are no threat to the peace of Aman now.”

Olwë looked at his son before speaking again. “As long as it stays like that, everything will be all right. There is a problem, though. It would not be advisable for any son of Fëanáro to depart from Alqualondë, if they decide to return to Endor.”

“I understand, Father,” Arafinwë said. “I will make sure that a new port is built for those Noldor who want to return. It would make no sense to build a port only for my cousins,” he added.

This was not going well, Ingwë mused. Despite the courtesy in Arafinwë’s answer to his father in law, there was an edge in his words. Ingwë looked at his eldest, who nodded and started to speak.

“Would it be possible that one of the smaller ports was given to the Noldor?” Ingwion asked. “They could enlarge it and it could be used by them for many other purposes, like trade.”

Olwë looked doubtful. “That could be a solution, but why would we give one of our ports to the Noldor? They are perfectly able to build a new one, and many of them know how to build ships now.”

Ingwë spoke before Arafinwë could react, “Because the Noldor helped the Teleri to build Alqualondë, perhaps?”

Olwien looked outraged. “They also attacked it, and stained our Havens with blood!”

“Our blood was also spilled that day,” Findaráto said. “Look, cousin, I cannot begin to imagine what it meant for your people to be slaughtered that day, but many of the Noldor also died, and have paid dearly for their mistakes. I believe that a separate port is the solution, whether it is built by us or given by you.”

“Peace, young ones,” Arafinwë said. “We will build a new port.”

“Arafinwë,” Olwë intervened, “I am aware of how much your people have suffered, all of them, and so have we but to preserve the peace and start again I will give you the northern port.”

Arafinwë nodded, though it was obvious that he would rather have his people build a new port. Ingwë was proud of his nephew’s restraint and calm attitude. It had brought Olwë back to the real issue at hand, the peace and cooperation between the three peoples.

“Good,” Ingwë said. “Now I believe we should discuss other issues, mostly related to differences in what Men call technology. The last Elves who came back, either through the Sea, or from the Halls, only know what Endor was like when they left. The Elves who have stayed in Endor would be good counselors.”

“You mean Makalaurë?” asked Arafinwë.

“Yes, Makalaurë, and whoever else is still there.”

“Daeron of Doriath was lost when my niece Lúthien left my brother’s realm in Endor,” Olwë said. “He has not returned, and I doubt he would still be in the Halls, had he died.”

“There are also the Blue Wizards, who never returned,” Ingwion said.

“So I believe that we could try to find them and communicate with them before opening the Straight Road again,” Ingwë said. “We cannot simply allow our peoples to sail back without any knowledge of what they are going to find in Endor.”

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