The Exiles by Silver Trails

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The Exiles
February, 2017

This is an amateur effort and does not intend to infringe on the rights of J.R.R. Tolkien. No profit is made and no harm is intended.

This is an AU arc, where all the events of Tolkien legendarium have already happened, but where the Elves can now choose to return to Middle-earth. The Valar allow it because Eru has commanded it. All Manw knows is that something has changed in the Song.

Maglor closed the book he was reading and set it on his desk. He had finished marking the students’ last papers, and all he needed to do now was to send them to Holloway. After that he would be free to spend time with Daeron, hopefully alone. He would have been at Heathrow, but Daeron had spoken about visitors and the need to meet them in a neutral place. That was strange, and set off all his alarms. Daeron sounded tense, as if he wanted to say more but could not. They had agreed to meet at the Boathouse.

He shrugged and stood, walking toward the balcony. He would know soon anyway. Maglor sighed and looked down at the Thames. It always soothed him. Was Lord Ulmo’s power still there? Maglor had sat near the river more than once trying to find a connection, but it had been in vain.

I should get used to it. I never had a strong connection with water, anyway. Only when Omar was close did I sense its power.

Something had changed, though. Maglor could feel it in his heart, in his bones. It had started a couple of weeks ago while he was walking along the Thames. One moment he had been enjoying the calm afternoon, and the next moment he had felt dizzy and disoriented. He had not fallen to the ground, but it had been bad enough for a man to ask him if he was all right. Maglor had nodded slowly and continued his way, still trying to understand what had happened.

He had been restless for the next few days, but eventually the strange feeling had faded to the back of his mind. He hadn’t told Daeron about it. If the other Elf hadn’t felt it then it had nothing to do with him. It would be better to relax and wait for his Daeron and these mysterious visitors to come.

Maglor’s cellphone rang. “Hello? Daeron, yes, I’m at home. Yes, we will meet at the Boathouse. Why so late? Is something going on? No, it was just a question. All right, we’ll speak about it at the pub.”

Two hours later, Maglor’s research assistant arrived at the building to retrieve the graded papers. She would take them to Holloway and give them to the students. After a light lunch and a nap, Maglor was feeling restless again. He settled in his favorite chair to read a couple more chapters of an old novel. Finally it was time to leave the apartment and go to the Boathouse.

The pub was close, so he walked there, all the time feeling as if something was going to happen. Had he recovered some sort of Elven connection with the land? Unlikely, he mused. Maybe it was just the fact that Daeron had come, and was being all mysterious about his friends that bothered him. When he finally arrived at the Boathouse Daeron and his friends were waiting for him at a table in the mezzanine.

They stood, and looked at him.

Maglor froze.

That was… Crdan!

The other visitor was Lord Eonw.

Maglor frowned.

Daeron approached him. “Maglor, take a seat, please. I will explain everything later,” he added in a very low voice.

“Sure you will,” Maglor whispered back. This was Lord Eonw after all, and Maglor could not think of other reason for the Maia to come than to bring him to justice. But Daeron would never do this to him, unless he was forced by Lord Eonw.

“We are not here to take you back, Kanafinw,” Eonw said in Quenya. “Please take a seat so we can speak. There are other matters to be discussed.”

Maglor sat down, eyes locked with the Maia’s. “Then why have you come, Lord Eonw?” he asked in Quenya. Then he turned to Crdan. “Why are you two here?”

The waitress came in that moment, which gave Maglor time to get a hold of his temper while Daeron ordered food and drinks. He was still angry at his friend for not warning him about this, but he was willing to hear what Daeron had to say later.

“We are here because Lord Manw needs something from you both,” Crdan said in Sindarin. “We met Daeron in Portnahaven.”

Maglor half-glared at Daeron, “By chance?”

“No,” Daeron said. Omar came to me in a dream and told me to travel to the village. I was close, which is why he contacted me.”

Maglor felt another surge of anger. Why had Omar not warned him too? Why make him come to a meeting he would never have accepted?

“We asked Daeron not to warn you,” Eonw said. “Lord Manw feared that you would not come voluntarily, and we needed you to come and listen to what we have to say.”

“What does Lord Manw need?”

“The Song has changed, as you must have noticed,” Eonw said. “The Straight Road will be reopened soon, at Eru’s command. The Elves who might decide to return will not be prepared for this new Endor. We need your knowledge and your counsel.”

“They want us to…” Daeron trailed off and closed his eyes abruptly, leaning back into the chair.

“What’s wrong?” Maglor asked. “Daeron, talk to me!”

Daeron blinked slowly and took a deep breath. “I am fine, just tired.”

Lord Eonw looked at Daeron for a moment before turning to Maglor again. “Morinehtar was also at Portnahaven, but he escaped before I could speak with him.”

“Did Morinehtar attack Daeron?”

“It seems so,” Crdan said. “He refuses to speak about it.”

“I am here,” Daeron said. “Morinehtar didn’t attack me. He was looking for Rmestmo. That’s all.”

“I don’t like this,” Maglor said. “Rmestmo is dangerous, and Morinehtar is no better. Are you going to ask them for counsel too?”

“Calm down, Maglor,” Crdan said. “Daeron is safe now that Lord Eonw is here. The Blue Wizards are bound to return to Aman. We will not allow anyone to interfere with the Children of Eru.”

You are already interfering, Maglor thought, but he kept his thoughts to himself. He needed to know more about this change in the Song.

“So the Elves will come back to Middle-earth, and live in the world of Men. What is the purpose of this? What has changed in the Song?”

“We know little,” Eonw said. “Only that a new Darkness will rise, and that the hunt for the Silmarils will play an important part in the new Song.”

Maglor stilled. “But they are out of the Elves’ reach, and Men know nothing about them. The last two are… lost.”

“They are lost for now,” Crdan said, “but they can be found in this world that Men have built. We need to come back and blend in, and learn about their ways, their technology, and their weapons.”

“In sum,” Eonw said, “we need to prevent them from finding the two remaining Silmarils.”

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