Swift Horse and White Tree by Zdenka

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Éowyn greets her father, who has come back from fighting an Orc raid.

Éowyn ran outside when she heard the hoofbeats. “Father!”

Éomund bent to pick her up without slowing, and she was lifted onto the stallion’s broad back, wrapped in a fold of her father’s cloak with its familiar scent of sweat and horses.

“Éowyn-daughter. All’s well at home?”

“Yes,” Éowyn said eagerly. “Did you kill many Orcs?”

Éomund laughed. “We did, and with small loss.”

Arrived at the stables, Éomund pulled off his crested helm and handed it to Éowyn. “Take this inside while I tend Anmod.” The helm was heavy in her arms, but she would not let it fall.

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