Giants' Games by Larner

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For Nath and Addie for their birthdays.  Thanks to RiverOtter for the beta.

A true drabble set during Bilbo's second trip to Erebor, just after his 111th birthday.

Giants’ Games


          Bilbo stopped as they approached the top of the pass, his gaze fixed on the hulking shapes facing one another to the south of them.

          “Mountain giants,” grunted Glóin.  “Pay them no mind.  They won’t bother us if we ignore them.”

          But how could Bilbo ignore them as they tossed huge boulders to one another as casually as Hobbit children played with pigs’ bladders?

          There’s something magnificent in watching them, he thought.

          Laughter like the sound of avalanches filled the air, and he found he ached to join their play.  Then a missed toss landed nearby, and he scurried away.

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